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Paranormal Investigation

(open to the public by reservation only)

When:    14 May 2016

Time:     10AM-5PM

Where:   Russ House

              4318 Lafayette Street

              Marianna, FL

Reiki Healing - Tarot Card Reading - Meditation - Arts & Crafts - Psychics

Seminars - Free

10-11am - UFO Disclosure Mr. Tom Stemphoski

11-12pm - 5 Levels of Consciousness, Mr. John England

12-1pm - Integrating Western & Eastern Medicine to Benefit the Patient Dr. Skidmore

1-2pm - Thought Forms Ms. Meda Arbour

2-3pm - Digital Photography & Orbs, Paranormal Investigating 101 Emerald Coast , Paranormal Investigating, the Next Generation Paranormal Concepts and Kelly's Paranormal Kases

3-4pm - Ms. Vivian McDonald - Reiki Master, Reiki Healing

4-5pm - Mr. George Lopez - The Dark Side of Paranormal Investigating

5-6pm - Ms. Andrea Perron - Metamorphosis - Inspired by Andrea's life on small farm in Rhode Island, made famous by the blockbuster movie The Conjuring

Paranormal Investigation: $26.00 per person. You must be at least 18 years of age to participate. We only have a few tickets left for the Investigation, please make your payment and we will send you your time slot.

PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION: Open to the public. Investigate with the one and only GEORGE LOPEZ, known in the Paranormal community for his SPIRIT BOX sessions. Reserve your time slot now by using the PayPal drop down option on the left, Reservations are to be made separately. Be sure to include your name. $26.00 per person .You must be at least 18 years of age to participate. Walk-ins welcome based on availability. $40.00 We do not guarantee Paranormal Activity during your investigation. Vendor information is on the next tab marked Vendor. Questions? (850) 889-8704

Haunted Russ House

Demo clip for a documentary to be submitted in the Can Film Festival in Orlando 2015

Featured Guest

Mr. George Lopez and Andrea Perron


co-written by Andrea Perron and George Lopez


HOUSE OF LIGHT trilogy written by AndreaPerron books will be available for purchase.

ECPC is proud to announce our Charity for the A World Awakening & Mystical Fair event. All proceeds from the sales of food, and beverages, and our t-shirts will go to Camp Amigo. Thank you to the Red Knights and the Green Knights Motorcycle Club (Air Force Fire Fighters, active duty and retired) for volunteering your members to help us make this possible. We are honored to be a part of this wonderful organization doing great things for children that are burn survivors.

Directions to the RUSS HOUSE

Host Hotel - Holiday Inn -Panama City - Group Code AWA

We chose this hotel for a very good reason. It is newly renovated, cocktail lounge with pool tables, health club, indoor pool, restaurant, free local calls, cable and free WiFi, this hotel is 7 miles from the Worlds Most Beautiful Beaches. It is 45 minutes south of Marianna. There are hotels available in Marianna, FL 

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