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As I was watching an episode of the Ghost Hunters last night there were a couple of things that came to mind that really made me wonder. The first one was Taps was at Sloss Furnace and the whole group even there guest investigator Meat Loaf saw a shadow figure. What makes me wonder about these shadows is are they capable of being seen when they want to be seen or are they just stuck in this form. I know of cases where these shadow figures would just come out of no where and then be gone. So does that mean they can become this semi solid state on there own or is something else that makes them do that. If these shadow figures can manifest on there own and by themselves then why wont they stay still. I'ts just one of those things that makes me wonder. The other thing that makes me wonder is the thing they called auditory matrixing. I wonder about that. I understand that this is when when we hear a sound and interpret it as another. I myself have encountered this. What makes me wonder is if a spirit can communicate with us through white noise why not through running water, or the sound of a bell. These are the things that make me wonder and would love to get your insights on these things.~Tracy
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