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Being Professional

Have you ever wanted to conduct an paranormal investigation at a location that you knew unequivocally was a place that would further your search for the truth by the evidence you could collect, but only to be halted from this place because of the actions of a previous team? No matter which of these categories you may align yourself with there is one item that applies to all ghost hunters, paranormal researchers and paranormal investigators above all else: when performing field investigations, interviews and other work we must manage these actions with professionalism and temper them with respect. Granted, paranormal investigation is an unregulated trade in the 48 contiguous states according to the Department of Professional Regulation, however, the lack of a uniform process is not an excuse, nor does it pardon us, from acting maturely in our work. Additionally, in order for us to gain any manner of respect in the public opinion we must first exhibit respect in our procedures and, in order to get any manner of integrity within the scientific community, we must hold ourselves to a higher standard of integrity that allows us to rise above the cohesion of other similar organizations. I believe that the implementation of these most basic rules of etiquette can, and will, go a long way in improving the way that paranormal investigations are seen in both the private and professional sector. Perhaps this is something we should all buy into. It is something that can and should be done, not only for ourselves but for the individuals that may come behind you. I am asking you to follow through with this request and answer the call to professionalism. As a united whole we can demonstrate, unequivocally, that paranormal investigations are a science that deserves to be taken seriously and that we are, indeed, professionals in every sense of the word. ~ Tracy
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