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Cemetery Investigation

I have a scenario for you all. 

I would love to read any insights you may have of this. If you know of some place where I can read about this please let me know. We went to a local cemetery. We have been to this cemetery many times in the past. While we were there a couple of team members from another team claimed to have some interaction with a 6 month old boy. Now we have had some interaction with a what could possibly be a child there before., but not at this particular area. Here is my dilemma. I find it difficult to understand that a child of 6 months old would have the ability to communicate with us in such a way as it was doing. The team members did ask the spirit by name, by this I mean they used the name on the head stone, to complete a task and according to the team member, the task was completed. They asked for this child to spin a pinwheel. 

  I am looking for opinions on this matter. Is it possible for a 6 month old child spirit to communicate with us. I don't know for sure because I can't remember that far back exactly what a 6 month old child can actually do in life. If there is any information that might help me understand this please let me know. Thank you so much ~ Tracy  
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