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We are confronted at times with the roughness of others who challenge us because of what we do. That can be for many reasons.  Maybe they are truly concerned with your path.  Maybe you are treading farther than they ever have and their fear causes them to hold you back.  Maybe they simply are not interested in you succeeding.  How do you decipher which one it is and if you should even listen to these people?  We have to do what we simply don’t do enough of... Ask questions!  Ask them… Why are you saying these things?  Explanations provide comfort, but more importantly provide us the reasoning behind a suggestion.  Maybe their situation differs, or their path is not the same as yours (chances are it is not).   Don’t discredit their thoughts. It is the bits and pieces of their experience you can relate and pull from to help formulate what comes next for you. ~ Tracy
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