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Curiosity helps you simplify problems, ideas, and situations, and it encourages you to explore how they could be different. Actively exploring the environment, asking questions, investigating possibilities, and possessing a sense of wonder are all part of being curious. Questions are key. Once you open up to the nuances of life, it's easy to find things that fascinate you and to begin wondering "why?" and "how?" These questions take you to a deeper level of knowing. When you develop heightened curiosity, you improve the quality of yourself by asking better questions and being receptive to new things. Let this desire expand your understanding and let it motivate you to go beyond the surface. I think that if you do this you will learn more because you have a desire to know more. When you approach an idea, or situation, whether you are investigating or just doing everyday things let your curiosity run wild. Just remember that even when you can't immediately apply what you learn, you are in training, to keep your curiosity muscles healthy.~ Tracy
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