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Expressing a different opinion

When someone expresses an opinion that differs from mine, I think there is good reason for me to stop and listen. After all, I can be wrong! I think back, to how many ideas, that I have had in the past five years that I have changed. It's impossible for me to improve without changing. My thoughts, opinions, and beliefs sometimes need to be broadened or improved by the ideas of others. I remain open-minded and I willingly embrace the ideas of others. The open-minded see the reality in diverse things. I need those diversities, for they offer me with more options and possibilities, making me stronger and wiser investigator and they offer me an opportunity to give the valued gifts of tolerance and acceptance to others. So, always try to be open-minded. When others speak, don't look for points to disagree with, but look for wisdom that you can add to your own. By surrendering our right to be right and turning over power to others we grant them the right to be themselves.  Perhaps we can't all be experts in the paranormal field, but we don't have to be. All we have to do is respect others and abandon our need to be right. As long as we do the right thing, things will work out right. Finally, be careful of what you think of others, for you can rise no higher than your lowest opinion of another. ~ Tracy
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