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Fear of the Unknown

I think that everyone has a fear of the unknown, some more than others but, it is still perhaps one of the most often felt phobias. It is true that this fear has possibly a number of bad consequences and this fear is a quite natural thing. Unfortunately too much of this fear, without the realization that this fear is actually an ally, can stop you from taking any kind of positive action and can be something that will stop any great success in your Investigations. I feel that there isn't going to be any likelihood of success, or progress forward without discovery. This success comes when we gain new knowledge and this new knowledge can only be gained by facing our fear of the unknown. If you can get through these unknowns, you may be able to find the correct path that leads towards the accomplishment of your goal. I think we must also be prepared to overcome any fears of failing that may arise. The best way to overcome these failures is to rationally and objectively look at the reasons why you are afraid and then to realize that this fear is not capable of stopping you. If you are doing something that you truly wish to do and that you know will expand your abilities, then objectively you will see that this fear is just a good warning to help you achieve your best and that it is not a barrier that can stop you. Stay true to your beliefs my Friends and find the path and overcome the fears that keep you from pressing on. ~ Tracy
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