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Moving Forward

I think that sometimes in order to move forward you have to try and un stick your mind. Maybe you got hit with an emotional blow that may have caused you to become stuck and instead of standing your ground and lowering our shoulder, you curled up and started throwing in the towel. It is at these times that you must don your divine armor and prepare for battle. Claim One battle at a time! One fight at a time! As you start to move forward, occasionally take look ahead to your next horizon, and let the next challenge you see give you the drive to keep moving. Once you have gain the momentum forward, try and remain focused on the bright side. To stay moving you may have to forget and let go of the some of your past for these things, even though they may be pain full, will only stand in your way like a brick wall. Don't let these walls stop you and find away to keep moving either over, under or around. Once you have cleared these walls never allow yourself to look back and dwell on them. You have come so far to quit now, so just keep moving forward. You have to stay true to your passion because this will make things possible. Stay positive and do not entertain failures in your mind. Treat the failures as mere intermissions to the real thing. The best is yet to come, so just keep going. ~ Tracy
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