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We are in this particular forum because we all believe in Paranormal Unity. We all understand that it will take the collation of our knowledge, beliefs and evidence to ever get any definitive proof. I personally think that no one person will be able to accomplish this. So how do we achieve this? I really don’t know. I know when it comes to our knowledge and beliefs we are more apt to share that, with everyone than the evidence we collect. I know the reasons why. We are so afraid of what ever ridicule we may get. I know how tired we get of defending our findings. The evidence our team collects gets posted all the time. I for one accept anything that is ever said about this evidence both good and bad. I also put my conclusions to our investigations on paper. I put in these papers the normal stuff like time and date and moon phase etc… I put in these papers what evidence we caught. I will also do this when I see other evidence post from other teams especially if there is something In their evidence that has a similarity to some of ours. I try and see if there could be a link. I do this because I think that combining our evidence and others evidence we will get the proof we need to, if nothing else create the next stepping stone. ~Tracy
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