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Residual Haunts

I have a theory concerning a residual haunts. I think that some of these entities are actually what has been called "Thought Forms." I think that some of the most famous ghosts around the nation that have been commonly referred to as residual haunting are what I suspect to be "Thought Form" spirits. I believe these spirits were actually created by the living, and were created by some sort of emotional disturbance such as a suicide, war, even a natural death and grew through the emotional energy of people around them, which in turn provided an ongoing source of emotional energy for this spirit to thrive. I also believe that these "Thought Form" spirits can be created by us over time just by believing that someone we possibly could have lost is still with us. I think that sometimes people want to believe this so much that it actually happens, thus creating a "Thought Form"spirit. This by no means is a bad thing. It just goes to show you how strong our emotional energy can be. There are even stories of Monks who would create these "Thought Forms" to actually do chores for them. Maybe I should try and create one to mow my yard. Just kidding. I guess my next challenge is going to be, to see, when I investigate a residual case, if I can actually determine if this spirit is one of these forms. My search continues. ~ Tracy
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