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St. George Island Light house

st-george-lighthouse-twilight-051210a-copyE.C.P.C. Is going to investigate the St. George Light house on St. George Island. A little history on the place first. This light house has been around since 1833. This light house is a  veteran of hurricanes, wars, and erosion. It has been moved numerous times until 2008 were it was rebuilt at its current location. The Keepers quarters were rebuilt using the original plans, but with all new material. Inside the keepers quarters is a museum for relics that were in the light house throughout the years. The light house itself was rebuilt using all the old bricks from the original light house. We were able to do an afterhours walk through with one of the curators. There has been only one report of anything paranormal at the light house and the one claim is that you can hear keys jingle in the light house. There was an accidental death back years ago when the light house was at a different location. One of the keepers was hanging of the side painting it when he fell to his death. One of the other keepers committed suicide there when the light house was on little George island back in the early 1900's. When we took out our Mel meter and K-II there was an instant reading on the K-II, the emf was high everywhere even outside. There are a bunch of power lines that are right in front of the light house. I would ask them to turn them off but that would kill power to the whole island. So I reckon our meters are going to be not so use full. We are going to investigate old school. So I am looking for some old school ways to investigate. ~Tracy
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