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What happens? Okay, so there you are, station outside of your body, you are wondering what just happened? At this point does someone appear to help you to the other side, or perhaps you see a glow of light in the distance, and begin to move toward it naturally. Is this the defining moment where "ghosts" are created. What if the person that just died did some really terrible things in their lifetime, and they just know that they are going to Hell forever. How likely are they to want to go towards the light? Not very! So they move away from the Light. Or maybe they don't know what that light is, so they are naturally afraid of it. This could be common for those who may not believe in heaven or hell, because maybe they just expect their consciousness to just "blink out" when they die. If that doesn't happen, they may become confused and may not realize that they can move on. Sometimes, if a person dies in a very sudden, unexpected way, they might have no idea that they are "dead." They find themselves standing at the scene of the accident, wondering what happened. As Paranormal investigators do we set out to find these answers? Are we capable of achieving these answers? Who knows right? ~ Tracy
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