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Your Legacy

So many of us are busily marking tasks off our "To Do" list but how many of us are thoughtfully creating our "To Be" list? The only way to create and execute on a meaningful "To Be" list is to also have a "Stop Doing" list. Aristotle said it best: "Excellence is not an art. It is a habit." We can't be excellent, half of the time and be in a comfort zone the other half. We're either excellent or we're not I think that the path of starting a legacy is placing a notion into the future that impacts the future and how we live in the moment into the future. It all starts with this notion. Creating who you want to be and then expanding into how you want to be remembered. Upon that groundwork we are able to noticeably touch the lives of those around us and after us by carefully placing powerful thoughts into the future. When you die they'll indicate on your tomb the year of your birth and the year of your death separated by a dash (1960 — 2020). The dash is your life. What you did. How you lived. Whose life you touched. The legacy you left behind. The more purposefully engaged you are in helping others, the deeper and finer and more memorable is your dash.~ Tracy  
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