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The Demon Phenomena

The Demon Phenomena 

 There has been a lot of talk recently about the demon phenomena and since this is something I may encounter one day I figured I'd best get to studying it. These are a few things that I have found and I thought I might share them with you. I tried to take several opinions on this matter and combine them to make up one synopsis. Often a demon will begin just as ghost activity would. You may see movement out of the corner of your eye, have a feeling of uneasiness, or possibly hear noises that couldn't be coming from a natural source. A demon will usually follow a certain blueprint, and in nearly every documented case, the door to this demon was opened either intentionally, or unintentionally, through the use of Ouija boards, seances or some other type of conjuring. These demons are very rare and a very small percentage of people playing with the supernatural, actually suffer these types of consequences, however the danger is there, and real. At first this demon  will typically portray itself as cold spots, strange odors, as well as knocking in the walls, and other types of noises that we would associate with either a residual or an intelligent spirit. During the next stage, the entity may become more violent in nature; objects may levitate, or disappear altogether, damage may be done to the house or personal items, and there may actually be attacks on those living in the house. After a period of wearing down those in the home, the demon will eventually attempt to possess someone, and the possession does not have to be on a continual basis, and usually happens intermittently. Demon possession is dangerous and should dealt with as soon as possible by a professional exorcist. Most exorcists, especially priests of the Roman Catholic Church, have a strict guideline that must be followed before permission is granted for an exorcism. The possessed person must first have a thorough psychological, and physical examination in order to rule out physical or mental illness. Additionally, they must show knowledge of things they could not possibly have access to, and be speaking in languages they did not know previously. There are other rules involved, but these are the basics. Permission for an exorcism is only granted in a very small percentage of cases. 
To keep yourself safe from the danger of this demon, it is best to not attempt any type of communication with the dead unless you are very experienced in this type of phenomena. I know what you are thinking, I also have the same questions. Are the tools we are using such as a K-II meters, the numerous types of ghost boxes, etc....... Be actually opening doors for demons to come through. The only answer I have is "I Don't Know". There is always that possibility. The other questions I have is this. What does it take to become a demonologist? I am pretty sure that since this is a very serious concern for those involved, I would say that it should take many, I mean many years to study this demon phenomena. Is there a professor that accredits you and says you're a demonologist?  What I do know, well I think I know, is that all exorcist are demonologist, but not all demonologist are exorcist. Another question I have is who is it that actually should classify a demon entity. Should it be us, or someone that knows a little more than us? I do have a short little rant here. I get awfully disheartened when I see young groups set out on one of their investigations/hunts and hear a chair move or a door slam or get a picture of some type of mist outside that if you look at it long enough and hard enough you will eventually see some type of scary face in it, and then turn right around and say because of these things it is a demon. So as a Paranormal Investigator, I think it would be a very smart move on my part to not necessarily become a demonologist but to be really well informed about demons. I think it is our responsibility to know the differences and to know what to do, if or when one does show up. ~Tracy 
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