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The Human Element

The Human Element

 Often times I feel that too many paranormal investigative groups focus on trying to prove a location is haunted without taking into account the human element. I believe that the conclusion aspect is often ignored. To me this is what is missing with so many groups. To achieve this takes time, effort, and knowledge. I feel that investigating cases that are self-generated, such as news of apparitions seen along the roadside, paranormal investigators have the comfort of being able to put the investigation first, as there are no clients to deal with. They may proceed with the investigation without having to consider the impact the investigation may have on their clients, so they can experiment with new equipment and techniques. But, most often the team will be called in to investigate when there is paranormal activity that is affecting people's lives. I think that sometimes investigators who embark on challenging cases are so wrapped up in the thrill of the hunt that they forget the human aspects of the job. If an investigative team is called in to discover the reasons behind paranormal activity, it is usually because truly troubling or frightening events have disrupted the lives of the clients. Although every client will be different, one constant seems to be that the situation will have reached a stage that is disturbing to the people in the environment. We, as serious investigators, must take on the responsibility of reassuring the client that the right decision was made to call the team in. We must act as professionally and calmly as possible during the execution of the interview all the way through to the reveal. Any evidence (if any) that we decide to reveal to the client should be done with tact and care. You have to remember that these cases involve real people and should not be treated just as a notch on your tool belt. -Tracy
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