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The Right Equipment?

EquipmentThe right equipment.

 As paranormal investigators, we use a wide variety of equipment. This equipment has been bought and paid for with monies that we have saved, while working at our everyday jobs. We always find and buy the best equipment that we can afford. It would be nice to have someone else pick up the tab for some of this stuff, then maybe we too could have the latest and greatest stuff. I understand that it does not take high dollar equipment to get great evidence. I believe you can achieve great results with absolutely no equipment by your side. You don't have to have all these electronic devices to speak to those who have passed. All you need is heart, and an open mind to hear them. These devices come into play when you need to prove your findings with others. There is a lot more to our equipment and what we use it for and believe me I know that. The thing that really gets my goat is when other folks from other teams think that if you don't use the exact equipment they use then your results are worthless. I was listening to a radio show, and one of the guest that was on stated basically that he used brand X voice recorder, brand Y video recorder, and brand Z video camera. He stated on the show that he pretty much could explain away any evidence that was caught on any voice recorder, DVR, or video camera unless it was the brand listed above. I thought to myself what nerve this guy has to say that the evidence that I have collected is no good because I don't use those brands. I looked up these items and saw 2 things, number one they were pretty high priced and number two these items looked a lot like the ones that certain people carry while doing their television shows. I was going to call into the show so he could explain to me why he thinks what he thinks, but figured my heart just would not be able to handle the sudden increase in blood pressure. All I know is this, we at ECPC do not have the most expensive equipment out there, we have had the same equipment for some time now and we have been able to collect some of the best indisputable (well practically undisputable cause we all know there will be one or two who you will never convince) evidence. I really have a hard time understanding people such as this. What makes them any better than me and my team or you and your team for that matter? How can he justify himself as being a paranormal investigator by making such statements. I just don't get it. Please somebody help me understand. Please do not ask me who this was or what show it was on. ~ Tracy
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