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Thinking to much

Thinking to much These last couple of days I have been feverously trying to stay away from the paranormal side of my life. It was coming to the point to where every moment was spent thinking about it.  I would start as soon as I would wake up in the morning and it wouldn't stop until I feel asleep thinking about it. I would contemplate  about it so much that it started to affect my job, it started to affect my ability to get a good night's rest. There is so many more questions than answers in the paranormal, and that is where my problem lays. I try and figure each one of them out. I sit and listen and watch our investigation evidence along with other evidence from other teams and try to come up with a sensible answer. Every time I do, I think of 20 other things that it could be. I start thinking about my own religious beliefs and how they play a part in it and then realize it is just a vicious circle. I know that our brains are built for thinking, but there comes a point when it gets to be too much, and now I needed to figure out how the best way for me to turn it off, so to speak  for a while, but still keep the desire and passion I have for the paranormal alive. So how was I going to do this? I really didn't know, because for me to figure it out was going to take some serious thinking on my part which was what I was trying to shut off. I spoke to Susan (My wife and best friend) about this and she gave me some great advice. I spoke with a couple of great friends of mine in the field, Gary, Julie, and John and they also gave me great advice. I was really glad to know that I was not the only one who has felt this necessity to turn it off. Julie stated to me something that I think is the best solution to my issue. She stated that she believed that no one is going to have the answers, because we are not meant to know all the answers, and the best we can do is to continue on. I need to try and start thinking that way, instead of always trying to figure every little detail out about a particular investigation or particular evidence. I know, as a paranormal investigator I am suppose to figure things out that is what I do, and I will continue to do that, but when the answer is not clear, I have to step back, and understand that maybe it is because I am not suppose to know the answer at that time, but will eventually attain the answer if I just continue on. I am good with that.  So, now that I have stepped back and pretty much have had nothing to do with the paranormal for the last few days and trying not to think about it has lead me to know this. I know that I can’t just stop thinking about it. My thoughts about it are here to stay.  My brain wants to think. So I will think, but I will do it differently. I will stop dwelling on all of the "what if's" and concentrate more on the what I know now. I believe, there will be a lot less burden in this way of thinking than there is about the "what if's". I will be much more productive doing what needs to be done now. I must continually remember that thoughts are just thoughts and the most important detail to remember when you start to think too much is that these are just thoughts and I will not give them more power than they deserve. I don’t have to be dominated by my thoughts. I want to thank Susan, Julie, Gary, and John for assisting me in getting over this hurdle, and people tell me there is no Paranormal Unity. Now that I know what I have to do I am ready for our next great adventure in being a paranormal investigator. ~ Tracy
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