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Cemetery investigation

Local Area Cemetery.

On May 26th 2012, We conducted another follow up investigation of this Cemetery. Since we have been investigating this cemetery we have caught some really great EVPs, we have captured some pretty cool videos, and have taken some really nice pictures. We were expecting this time to pretty much find the same thing. Unbeknownst to us that this night would turn out to be a very active night. Within minutes of our investigation we started get responses on our K-II meters and MEL meters, These responses were in fact answers to our direct questioning.

Dec 30th,2011 Cemetery investigation

Good afternoon all you Paranormal Ninjas. 

 On 30 Dec. 11, the team went on an investigation to a local cemetery.  This cemetery seems to be active at times, and not at other times.  We were able to capture sounds, noises, and what appear to be voices and maybe a child's cry on our digital recorders.  We also caught on video what we believe is a child's voice, along with a mist.  We have on video our K-II, EMF detector, and Mel- Meter all going off at the same time after we had asked questions.
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