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The Russ House

Upcomming Investigation 3 March 12

Ross House : On Jan. 21st of this new year our team set off to investigate a local cemetery. We have investigated this cemetery before and on my last synopsis of our last investigation there, I decide that I was going to visit this place one more time, and If I, we were unable to gather any hard evidence of an entity or spirit there, I was going to leave whatever it was up there alone. I know that sounds odd. There have been many reports about this cemetery from a few investigation teams. All these teams including mine have caught some pretty good EVPS, We have captured in the past on digital camera and video certain things that you might call out of the ordinary. So back to our investigation on this night. We started out right around dusk. We all sat as a team around one of the areas in the cemetery where most of the activity has taken place. We sat there asking questions. We got some odd hits on our meters. The hits were not actually answers to our questions. They seem just to be and random. S we continued on to some other spots were we also got some odd hits on our equipment. There were a couple of times throughout the night that we all heard some odd sounds. At one time we heard what sounded to be kids playing, another time we heard a females voice. We couldn't determine what it was saying or where it was coming from. So I spent the day today and part of yesterday going over the videos and recorders. I was unable to catch anything on video this time. I do think that I have captured a pretty good picture of an orb that seems to move from the back side of the cemetery forward. You can see it in two pictures that were taken back to back. I don't have enough evidence to say it was a spirit for sure. we did capture some EVPs. They do sound like voices mostly female. We were unable to figure out on most of them what they were saying but there are a couple that are pretty clear, and they were answers to a couple of questions we asked. So what do I think of the cemetery. I believe that whatever is up there,( I do think there is something in this cemetery), does not want to be bothered or disturbed. I will grant that wish. We have tried to help this lost soul, but we were unable. Maybe whatever it is prefers it that way. I am going to close the books on this cemetery and let sleeping babies lye. ~ Tracy  

Local Cemetery:

On 30 Dec. 11, the team went on an investigation to a local cemetery. This cemetery seems to be active at times, and not at other times.

We were able to capture sounds, noises, and what appear to be voices and maybe a child's cry on our digital recorders. We also caught on video what we believe is a child's voice, along with a mist. We have on video our K-II, EMF detector, and Mel- Meter all going off at the same time after we had asked questions. Our digital cameras were able to pick up orbs and even what seems to be a man in a suit standing in a mist cloud. After we completed the evidence review, I put together some pictures, videos and EVP and posted them for the world to see. I was all excited about the things that we had caught and possibly adding to the story of the cemetery being haunted. So that was the Ghost hunter side of me. Now a sanity check from the investigator in me. When I was looking at the pictures and saw the shape of a man in a suit, I started adjusting the picture so I could see it better. This is a phenomenon called Pareidolia, a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) perceived as significant. Common examples include seeing images of animals or faces in clouds. This is exactly what I was doing with this picture. Do I hold it to be evidence? Not any longer. I'm not going to throw the picture out, I‘m just not going to use it as conclusive evidence to say the place is haunted. During the investigation our team was standing in one area and the whole team heard a growl. We also caught the sound on video and audio. Could it have been an animal off in the woods? So is this cemetery haunted? I really don't know. Those of you who know me will also know that this cemetery is the place where I was scratched twice by something; and the same place I saw an apparition standing directly behind me. So, how can I say that this place is not haunted? Was the night air and moon playing tricks on me, who knows? I guess what it boils down to is this. I am no expert in this field and probably never will be. To me an expert has all the answers and I don't think we as paranormal investigators will ever have all the answers; just more questions. I think my next move will be to have a couple from my team and a couple from another team goes back to the cemetery one more time. If we are unable to get definitive proof then I say leave whatever it is alone and move on to the next. See pics on site ~Tracy

Out of state Investigation:

On 8 Jan 12, at the request of a client, E.C.P.C conducted an out of state investigation. 

Upon our arrival, we were 

provided a tour of where our client had seen figures of both Union and Confederate soldiers during his morning routine. The client stated that the soldiers would be seen “walking just inside the woods”. We set up our equipment in hopes of catching something on video. We walked through the wood line stopping to conduct our EVP sessions. Unfortunately, we were unable to document any video evidence; EVPs were documented but later dismissed as normal sounds. We did get a couple of spikes on our meters, and one time one of our EMF detectors shot up and then immediately went back to zero. Although we did find the spike odd, we found that in itself, it was not evidence. As we were wrapping up, the client explained to us the significance of the local area, just North East of our current location a Civil War battle had taken place in Blakeley State Park. With that said, we decided to go check it out. Blakeley State Park History: The Confederacy built Fort Blakeley in the town of Blakeley, AL. A garrison of 4,000 soldiers intended to protect Mobile from an eastern land assault. During 2–9Apr, 1865, 16,000 Union troops attacked and ultimately breached Fort Blakeley in the last battle of the Civil War. After the war, the County Seat was relocated to Daphne, AL, and the old town of Blakeley was essentially abandoned. With a map in hand we stopped at a cemetery and caught a few spikes on our meters. I did notice underground cable, power lines and telephone lines throughout the park that could have caused these readings. In conclusion, we walked all areas to include, the battle field, stronghold mounds, Blakeley Old Town, and the old cemetery. A few spikes on our gear, nothing on video or camera, and a few EVP. So could our client be seeing these figures in the tree line of their property? I can honestly say that there is a possibility that they could due to their proximity to the battle field. Who knows how many soldiers could be walking around out there lost. I do think that I am going to make some calls and see if there is a way we could conduct an investigation at night up there. I would have to call this investigation a big possibility, there may be spirits. Please see pics on site~Tracy

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