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9:00 P.M -11:00 PM


Marianna, FL


On the night of October 1st, multiple ghost hunting teams will gear up and engage in an authentic night of paranormal investigations in some of the most haunted public places from coast to coast! Called “Ghost Hunting Satellites”, these locations have been recognized and verified as authentically haunted by respected paranormal professionals. These teams will utilize their expertise, experience, and research with state-of-the-art investigational equipment to escort you through an actual paranormal investigation. You have probably seen all this in many popular television shows and now you will experience it, first-hand! Who knows, you may even be part of a team that brings in the talent of scientific investigators and even a psychic medium, guiding you through these obscure and mysterious spaces.

Be prepared to be introduced to professional ghost hunting, within walls that may rarely have been explored, since many of the teams will present their favorite local sites that they are very familiar with. They will be able to share its history, their stories and personally witnessed validations of its hauntings. Perhaps you, yourself, will hear a disembodied voice coming through a spirit box or even capture a whisper call your name on a digital recorder! Will you experience seeing a shadow figure, a floating orb or perhaps an actual apparition?

Be Part of The ScareFest, locally!

Not able to attend this year's Scarefest, the nation’s largest horror and paranormal show? By participating in your local satellite event, you will be PART of Scarefest for they will be broadcasting, with intermittent rotation, all the activities occurring in all the satellites throughout the country!

Be Part of Paranormal Research!

In addition, while this is all occurring, evidence will be collected and submitted into a national data bank where it will be expertly analyzed by the best talent in the paranormal community. For you see, the first ever coast-to-coast paranormal experiment will be taking place to evaluate the impact of all this activity occurring at the very same time.

At $10/ticket .. totally affordable! AND... it's helping Pet Shelters in your area!

Want more of a reason to find a site and join the hunt? Any location, any investigation, anywhere in the country will only be asking for $10 donation (plus $1 PayPal Fee) for a full two hour investigation. Most importantly, every dollar will be returned to its own community to assist a local pet rescue organization. For you see, each team and each venue is generously donating their time, resources and space for the purpose to show you how exciting and dedicated the world of paranormal investigation is.

You will discover and witness the commitment these individuals and haunted spaces provide to para-scientific research, the integrity of exploring the mysteries and helping thousands of families and organizations understand the impact of paranormal activity.

GET STARTED! Now, it is time to select your next haunted journey on October 1, 2016 and become part of history and an epic experience with National Ghost Hunting Day!

Not able to attend one of the Satellites Investigations?

We will be offering LIVE STREAMING through Social Media outlets! So be sure to sign up for our announcements by joining our mail list, so you can be notified how to participate virtually and be part of the World’s Largest Ghost Hunting Event!

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