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Pensacola Lighthouse, 12 May 12. Our evening started off with a rented van and our Full Time Team of six. We took off for Pensacola with all the excitement of a five year old kid with a $1 in a penny candy store. The three hour ride west was charged with excitement as we chatted about our night's investigation of the Pensacola Lighthouse. We stopped at a burger joint on the way and fueled our tummy's for the long night ahead of us. This was a good thing to do since in the past tummy growls can be detected on our Audio Recorders. As we pulled on to the the Navy Base it started to rain, thunder, and lightning.

Not light rain, but buckets of rain, loud thunder and lightning was cracking in the not so far distance. We thought we saw what appeared to be a funnel cloud but dismissed the thought as we pulled into the Lighthouse parking lot. Heather and Ray Carlson were there to meet us and we all exchanged big hugs like long lost friends. Right away we hit it off with our gracious hosts, two of the sweetest people you would ever want to meet. As we started to unpack, suddenly all of the lights went off. The Lighthouse keeper informed us that the entire Navy base had last power. We also got a call from our our part time Team members en-route saying that a tornado was spotted on base and that they had shut the entire place down and they were stuck at the gate. This information just fueled our excitement as the thunder got louder, the rain came down harder and the wind picked up. The atmosphere just added to the mystery and excitement of our investigation. We finally got our equipment set up as we stumbled around in the dark with only the light of our flashlights. Finally we were ready! Locked and loaded! The rest of the Team arrived along with two friends. We split into three groups and off we went. It started out slow, nothing on our meters, no strange sounds in the dark, no movement out of the corner of our eyes. And on it went for two hours. We went from room to room, a few hits here, a few there, nothing big. We all know how this works, patients and diligence win the race. We are not quitters. Somehow Ray and Heather from the host team Bellview Paranormal Society knew this, and hang in there we did. 

And all too soon it was time to pack up and go home, we really didn't want to leave, but we were all exhausted, our legs aching from the climb up the tower and down the tower and back up again.

Anyone interested in a private investigation at the Pensacola Lighthouse, please contact Heather Carlson of Bellview Paranormal Society on Facebook. Again, Heather and Ray, thank you for the opportunity, your kindness and hospitality went above and beyond our expectations. Team E.C.P.C. again, thank you for a great night.

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